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This trip is different from my previous trips. In the past my goal was to prove that I can do big trips! It was mostly self challenging expeditions. In a way, I grow over it, discovering that in every one of my trips, I did regret that the trip was finished too early, or that I missed exploring some really interesting areas only because I had a goal; finish, circumnavigate and accomplish.
No more! now I just want to have fun and focus in the light side of the trips. Less mileage every day, more reading and writing, and more proper coastline exploration.
So my next trip is to The Faroe Islands. This northern group of islands located between Scotland and Iceland and contain some of the most beautiful coastlines of the world.
There is a challenge too. The sea there have some of the world strongest currents and the region is also known for its harsh and traitorous weather.
Oded Lavi will join me for the first part of the trip. Oded is a competent paddler with only little experience out of Israel. He like to fish while paddling, so I count on him for upgraded dinners.

Since my kayak will already be in the Faroe Islands, Misha Hoichman will take advantage of that and will use it after I finish. This website will follow his trip as well as Oded and myself. Misha is running a trip in Alaska on June 2009. It is open for paddlers from all over the world, so check his website for more details.

Alon Ohad