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Copenhagen - Oslo



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29/06/2010    Oslo 59°54' 155" N    10°41' 353" E
distance: 17 nautical miles (31.5km) ↑

I'm in Oslo. Always when I finish an enjoyable trip I wish it would last a bit longer, but not today. I miss my son too much.
The trip was great. Meeting good people in the way, exploring the Swedish coastline, and enjoying the open air and the physical activity.
Today was perfect. The weather was nice and the sea was calm, I paddled to Nord Kano- og Kajakk-Klubb in Oslo where I planned to wash my gear and get organize. Geoffrey, from the local club, met me there. Gave me a key and even a bus ticket! To be used in the Oslo system. Thank you Geoffrey.
Yossi, from Israel, arrived a bit later, I gave him my kayak, which he suppose to paddle back to Copenhagen. Good luck.

27/06/2010    Drøbak 59°38' 955" N    10°38' 006" E
distance: 26 nautical miles (48.2km) wind: 12 knots ↑

Today was a good day for paddling, it was cloudy with a southerly not cool wind. Norway is beautiful, I am in the Oslo fjord about 30 km from the end, and I camped today at the edge of a small town. Tomorrow might be a day off, I should have plenty of time to make it to Oslo before the 1st of July.

26/06/2010    Vikene

Yesterday and today I stayed in the sailing club that hosted me so nicely. I need to be in Oslo only on the 29th while I have only two paddling days left. So why not stay in this beautiful spot?
Today was the start of a local yacht race, and I wanted to watch it so it was another reason to stay.
Not only I watched, thanks to Olav from the sailing club, I got a front sit position. He took me on a speed boat to the start point.
At 13:00 the boats started to gather and the start was at 14:00. What a sight :)
Tomorrow I'm back to paddling. Getting up at 6am, 7:30 in the water. I only hope the weather will be as perfect as today.

24/06/2010    Vikene 59°12' 581" N    10°48' 176" E
distance: 27 nautical miles (50.0km) ↖ wind: 12 knots ↗

today started with a strong pain in my right shoulder. The pain lasted for 2 hours. I had thoughts to stop and rest it, but after paddling enough the pain just left and i could relaxed and enjoy the ride :)
I crossed the Norwegian border at 10am and although still being in the same geographical area there was a different feeling. Maybe it is a different housing style, or maybe it is just me...
My day ended in Frederikstad sailing club. Thomas and Hans welcomed me.I was allowed to put up my tent and also got to shower. Thank you!
In the evening other club members invited me to watch the match between Japan and Demark. My new home team lost and are out of the world cup.
Tomorrow is a day off. I have 5 days to get to Oslo and I need only 2 paddling days.


23/06/2010    Båleröd

It was a rare day of excellent weather with no paddle and no injuries :)
I'm schedule to get to Oslo on the 29th so i'm really not in a hurry.
I spent the day in Strömstad and was surprise to discover a really nice coastal town. So i just strolled around and ate. Doing everything and nothing.
Tomorrow i'll go back on paddling. I get to miss it even if is for one day.
Soon i will cross the Norwegian border so i supplied my boat with all the goodies i could before everything turn very expensive. Sorry Norway for not helping with your economy, but I just cannot afford it :)

22/06/2010    Båleröd 58°53' 847" N    11°11' 966" E
distance: 31 nautical miles (57.4km) wind: 15 knots ↑

What a long day. I wanted to camp near a town in order to get internet and skype. But the luck was not with me and after stopping a few places I ended up at this caravan site. Not the worst place to be, and might take tomorrow as a day off to rest my back, who is complaining a bit..

21/06/2010    Ulön 58°30' 779" N    11°15' 645" E
distance: 28 nautical miles (51.9km)

Today was the perfect day, the sun was shining and the wind made sure it did not get too warm. I set camp on an island with no people. What an amazing place!

20/06/2010    Gullholmen 58°10' 448" N    11°24' 069" E
distance: 16 nautical miles (29.6km) wind: 15 knots ↓

Yet another beautiful day! And the people I meet on the way are so nice :)

19/06/2010    Skärhamn 57°59' 223" N    11°32' 403" E
distance: 24 nautical miles (44.4km) wind: 15 knots ↓

Had an amazing day, lots of tiny islands all over!

18/06/2010    Hönö

Went to Göteborg today. Not my best of days, messed up with the busses, ended up on the wrong island and later birds ate my bread for tomorrows breakfast!! The forecast for tomorrow looks promising so its going to be good to move on.

17/06/2010    Hönö 57°40' 822" N    11°39' 855" E
distance: 24 nautical miles (44.4km)

Today I paddled by beautiful little islands, rocks and adorable tiny towns. After the paddle it was time for doing some laundry. It seems like its gonna be windy the next two days, hope it will still be possible to get on the water.

16/06/2010    Onsala 57°24' 727" N    11°55' 541" E
distance: 30 nautical miles (55.6km)

After setting camp I got company, about 20 cows came to greet me. What more to ask for after a beautiful day in the kayak :)

15/06/2010    Träslövsläge 57°03' 428" N    12°16' 271" E
distance: 15 nautical miles (27.8km) wind: 20 knots ↓

My mat is leaking air! I woke up three times last night just to refill it with air. After the paddle I tried desperately to find the leak but with no luck, sleepless nights ahead ?!!

14/06/2010    Skogstorp 56°54' 097" N    12°25' 385" E
distance: 23 nautical miles (42.6km) ↖ wind: 15 knots →

A windy day on the water. I hoped to paddle more than what I did but the wind picked up so I decided to set camp. Luck stroke me, I found a beautiful spot by the water and the house nearby gave me a shower! Its just amazing to meet helpful people. Dinner is ready and the wind dropped, could not be much better..

13/06/2010    Tylösand

Yesterday was very windy. Constant force 7 with lots of force 8 gusts. Today was better, f 6 till 13, going down to 5 later on. I decided not to paddle since i have many extra days, and it will be annoying to paddle in these conditions.
My boat is leaking a bit so I tried to fix it. I'll know if i was successful tomorrow.
The outlook for tomorrow is great, no wind, partly sunny, just the way i like it :)


11/06/2010    Tylösand 56°38' 083" N    12°43' 711" E
distance: 27 nautical miles (50.0km) ↑ wind: 10 knots ↑

Had a good paddle today and ended up with a nice camp. Today I saw a lot of seal with white dots, don't know their name, and a dolphin too! The rain didn't seem to take too many breaks, so its nice with a hot cup of tea :)

10/06/2010    Mölle 56°16' 775" N    12°29' 799" E
distance: 25 nautical miles (46.3km) ↑

Aching, I can feel all my muscles! But it feels good. I hoped to take a shorter paddle tomorrow but it seems like I'll have to make it longer, cause there is a storm coming so I would like to have made some progress before that.

09/06/2010    Kyrkbacken 55°54' 694" N    12°40' 303" E
distance: 17 nautical miles (31.5km) ↑ wind: 15 knots ←

First day. Feels great to be on the water, but can tell that I did'nt paddle too much before the trip this time...

25/05/2010    Sorø

Everything is almost ready for the trip. Two weeks ago I fixed the keel strip in my kayak. The kayak now is water tight. I got my gear in one piece and I am left with laminating the maps and buying food only.
The Norwegian meteorologic institution keep updating their website. They have new features that makes it easy and accessible to get the marine forecast. So you can check out their site.
Another site I am using is the Danish one which is great too.

29/04/2010    Sorø 55°39' 937" N    12°38' 052" E

In the beginning of June I plan to start my next sea kayak trip. This time i will just throw my kayak into the water next to my Copenhagen based club and start paddle north to finish a few weeks and about 600km later in Oslo.
Most of the way will be actually in Sweden, trough the amazing area of small islands, rocks and beautiful landscape.
Follow me by checking out this page.

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