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Zealand - Denmark



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27/04/2009    Copenhagen 55°39' 937" N    12°38' 052" E
distance: 19 nautical miles (35.2km) ↓ wind: 20 knots ↑

I completed the trip today. The forecast was for 10 - 16 knots, but in reality it was more. So paddling today was hell. I hopped to finish by 13:00 or so, but instead I struggled for hours only to finish at 16:35!!!
Zealand is a nice little island, but the north east is way too built and less fun to paddle. My favorite areas are the west coast, where there are isolated areas with empty beaches and great nature.
If you plan a trip in Denmark I suggest using the local weather forecast on: DMI
generally, the forecast is accurate.
Great to back home :)

26/04/2009    Nivå 55°56' 207" N    12°31' 602" E
distance: 25 nautical miles (46.3km) ↘ wind: 12 knots ↖

Early start (6:55 on the water), a quick paddle and good conditions put me in Nivå early in the afternoon. Good food, hot shower in the Nivå Yacht Club were a perfect ending to good paddle day.

25/04/2009    Udsholt Strand

Due to the wind again, I didnt paddle today. Instead I took the bus to Gilleleje (nearest big town) to wash my kayak gear, cause I must admit that it was a bit smelly. In the afternoon I again had the benefit of paddling around the island I live on, my good friend Paul and his daughter Emilie came for a visit.
Looking forward to get back into the kayak again tomorrow.

24/04/2009    Udsholt Strand 56°06' 065" N    12°11' 037" E
distance: 33 nautical miles (61.1km) ↗ wind: 10 knots ↙

After paddling good 60 km I found a landing spot on what looked to be a private beach. Luckily enough the people who owned the place came by a bit later and allowed me to stay the night, but did not seem to pleased about having me camping. I therefore decided to move my camp, I took a walk along beach and found a great spot a bit further up. Now its packing the kayak and then to drag it for about 500 meter only to put it all back up. Better doing it today where there is no wind than tomorrow where its suppose to be quite windy, not sure I will be making any progress due to the wind tomorrow. Lets see..

23/04/2009    Sjællands Odde 55°58' 916" N    11°19' 829" E
distance: 25 nautical miles (46.3km) ↗

I had been wondering if there were dolphins in Denmark and today I got the answer. On my first crossing I saw two and later another one! Amazing creatures.

After putting up camp I met a fisherman and asked him where I could refill my water bottles. He was kind enough to show me the way and to end with he gave me the only fish he had caught all day, with the excuse of already having caught a lot. What a kind guy. Now Im off to town to take a look around.....


22/04/2009    Røsnæs

It is good having a day off. the past two days I paddled 126km and I am tired... The Northern wind is too strong to go for 24km of crossing, followed by a 16km crossing. Tomorrow looks like the wind will die though.
Anna came to visit me in Kalundborg, the nearest big town, such a treat to paddle around home.

21/04/2009    Røsnæs 55°44' 447" N    10°52' 633" E
distance: 30 nautical miles (55.6km) ↑ wind: 10 knots ↑

Yet another good day of progress. Tomorrow I have decided to take a days rest due to northern winds which makes the next two crossing crazy and will therefore wait a day since the forecast looks a lot more optimistic for Thursday.

20/04/2009    Korsør 55°19' 0004" N    11°09' 464" E
distance: 38 nautical miles (70.4km) ↖

The perfect day of paddling. I started early to get some progress, since the weather forecast was optimistic for me today. And it sure was. I had the most beautiful day with sun and no wind, which allowed me to make some proper progress today.

19/04/2009    Vordingborg 55°00' 232" N    11°55' 205" E
distance: 19 nautical miles (35.2km) ← wind: 13 knots ↖

The morning started out tough, I had a head wind at about 20 knots, but after rounding the SE corner my luck seemed to turn around. First of all I now had the wind in my back and I also met two other paddlers, Bo and Åse.

They were such nice people and even offered me to stay the night in their kayakclub, after they had made me coffee and showed me the shower facilities!! My lucky day.

In the late afternoon I even had time for some sightseeing around Vordingborg, before going to sleep indoors.

18/04/2009    Bønsvig 55°06' 632" N    12°10' 971" E
distance: 18 nautical miles (33.3km) ↙ wind: 20 knots ←

The day started out as being warm and calm, it looked like a nice day of paddling. Later on the wind picked up a lot and I had to take a break to put on proper clothes and to see if it would calm down a bit again. Since the wind didnt feel like resting I decided to call it a day and put up the tent. Tomorrow looks more friendly wind-wise.

17/04/2009    Store Heddinge 55°19' 313" N    12°26' 861" E
distance: 26 nautical miles (48.2km) ↓ wind: 15 knots ←

First day of paddling in a strong wind to begin with, but it decreased during the day. I had a long crossing and was planning to rest after, but ran in to an area of cliffs and had to go a bit further before landing was possible. The day and paddle was not as hard as expected but I surely feel that I got out of shape after quite some time in the cold danish winter. Good to get going again!

(also managed to break one of my tent poles today...)

16/04/2009    Copenhagen

I wanted to start my trip today, but the wind is too strong (force 5) which is not a nice way to start. Tomorrow the wind is suppose to drop. I will paddle south (clockwise) due to the current on the west coast of Zealand which flows from south to north most of the time. a bit odd but I guess it is due to the funny topography.
So I lost one more day and since I have to finish by 30th of April, it leaves me with very little margin for delays due to bad weather or injury.

13/04/2009    Copenhagen 55°39' 937" N    12°38' 052" E

I plan to circumnavigate my home island starting on 16 April 2009.
This trip is aimed for getting a better knowledge about the nice paddling areas I might have around me and also to get in shape after a long and cold danish winter.

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