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May, 2008
There were some big changes in my life in the past few years. I have now two sons and we moved back to Israel so I didn't have as much time to paddle as I used to. Now, that we settlled, I can slowly get back to shape and think about my next expedition. This time I plan to go to the Shetland Islands.
About twenty years ago I spent one year living in Glasgow - Scotland. It was an amazing experience for me. The nature, the weather, the people. It was all new to me. I traveled around the Scottish towns, Lochs, Glens and visited some of the islands. Back then I wasn't yet a paddler, so I didn't enjoy the unique experience sea paddlers can have when exploring a new rugged coast line.
I remember one cloudy day, standing in the northern most point of main land Scotland, looking north. The wind was blowing, the sea was pushing against the cliff beneath me and back then it felt as if I was standing at the end of the world. I knew that the Shetland Islands are laying there, far more than I could see. It was as if they were out of reach, so remote, hiding in the horizon clouds. Since that day I wanted to visit there.
This summer, at last, it is going to happen. I am fortunate to do it with a kayak. It is not going to be an easy experience. The sea surrounding the Shetlands present great danger and adventure. The current flows quickly, the tidal races and over falls can be big at times and above all the treacherous climate that can turn within minutes.
I live in a warm country and the cold weather in those islands, the rain and exposure require the best equipment one can have.
This trip is a direct continuation to my trip to the Faroes three years ago. There are some similarities between the two places, but even though sharing the same routs, the Faroes and the Shetlands are still very diverse.

I would like to thank KOKATAT for keep trusting me and providing me with their first class gear, PFD and dry cloths to protect me from the elements. Please visit their website expeditions section for some details about my trip. I also want to thank Nigel Dennis and SEA KAYAKING UK for giving me one of his amazing kayaks for the trip. And Pete Jones for helping with the logistics in this trip. Thank you.

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